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Inclined Platform (Wheelchair) Lifts

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, in new or existing structures. The Inclined Platform (wheelchair) Lift consists of a platform that travels along a guide rail on straight or curving staircase, providing an accessibility solution for people in wheelchairs. An optional seat is available for those that have difficulty negotiating stairs.

Commonly used in residential settings and public buildings such as schools, office, restaurants, libraries, and churches.

Garaventa Artira Inclined Platofrm Lift

The GSL Artira Inclined Platform Lift provides an advanced access solution for straight, turning or radiating stairways. The attractive stylde format travels along guids rails mounted to the inside or outside of the stairway. Design Flexibility allows for extensive customization of the GSL Artira. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the GSL Artira can be installed in commercial and residential applications.

Garaventa Xpress II

The Garavents Stair-Lift Express II is an inlcined platform lift designed for straight stairways. The Xpress II is a safe, reliable and cost effective accessability solution. This lift can be installed on your site with little to no structural modifications. It is suiitable for public building and residential applications.

Garaventa XR-3

The Garaventa XR-3 provides you with the freedom to travel ebtween all levels of your home. The platform controls are large and easy to use. The lift can be upgraded to a fully automatic folding platform (optional) with wirelsee call station.

Stair Trac

The Garaventa Stair Trac is an easy to use, portable wheelchair lift designed to attach under most manual wheelchairs. Stair Trac's powerful motor allows a small attendant to safely transport a larger passenger up and down stairways. Stair Trac is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in public buildings and private homes. An affordable and reliable portable access solution.

Savaria ES-125

The Savaria ES-125 inclined platform lift provides access over stairs for wheelchair users as it travels along a guide rail. When not in use, the unit folds compactly to the wall, leaving access to the stairs. Unfold the unit and the dual access ramps automatically lower to provide easy access to the non-skid platform. The ES-125 lift is a popular choice for churches, schools and homes where access over a straight flight of stairs is needed.

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